First-class comfort

Driving Performance

Understanding driver's requirements to reduce fatigue and improve performance

Providing comfort like no other

Accidents are sometimes unavoidable. With this in mind, FUSO provides the driver's ideal operating environment. The new automatic gearbox aims to reduce driver's stress and workload.

New Automated Manual Transmission

Steering-wheel mounted buttons let the driver switch to normal auto-cruise mode without taking their eyes off the road.


Relaxed driving made possible by the fusion of comfort and functionality

Excellent standard of comfort through redesigned cabin space

The cab is the drivers' workplace. For this reason, we redesigned the interior to boost motivation with a new level of function and comfort. We offer an environment that will not just reduce fatigue during long drives, but also improve the overall driving conditions.

Seat-mounted seatbelts for comfort and protection

All models feature a driver's seat with an integrated seatbelt instead of the conventional, pillar-mounted design. This design yields optimal protection and fit even when the seat is moved up, down, or reclined. An air suspension seat provides excellent comfort which reduces fatigue from driving

  • Air-suspension seat reduces driver's fatigue
  • Comfortable cushioning seat
  • Changeable seat cover

Convenient steering wheel switch

The steering wheel-mounted buttons put control to various functions at the driver's fingertips and viewable in the line of sight. The buttons make it easy to control the multifunction monitor, audio, auto-cruise and hands-free phone function.

New multifunction key

To start the engine or switch to accessory mode, simply insert the key into the key slot and press the Start/Stop button. The key also incorporates immobilizer and keyless entry functionality.

Easier cabin entry

All models have been equipped with a three-step design as a response to drivers' preference. In addition, there is a grab handle profile that is easier to grip to help drivers get into and out of the truck more safely.

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