The beginning of a new fuel efficiency era

The new engine with real low fuel consumption.

ENGINE / AMT ShiftPilot

Easy to drive and fuel-efficient. Responsive performance every time you drive.

Equipped with newly developed smart engines

The Super Great is available with the OM470 engine (10.7 L total displacement) which delivers real fuel savings with powerful performance and smooth acceleration. The lighter weight helps increase load capacity.

OM470 engine with asymmetric turbocharger

The OM470 engine uses an asymmetric turbocharger with high boost and high EGR which help limit consumption of both fuel and AdBlue®, while optimization of the fuel combustion system further contributes to fuel efficiency. This powerful engine delivers stress-free driving and exceptional fuel efficiency.

  • OM470(T2)394PS
    MAX.power :290kW(394PS)/1,600rpm
    MAX.torque :2,000N・m(204kgf・m)/1,100rpm
  • OM470(T4)455PS
    MAX.power :335kW(455PS)/1,600rpm
    MAX.torque :2,200N・m(214kgf・m)/1,100rpm

New-generation Shift Pilot AMT in all models

Solid reasons to shift to the New Super Great

The new AMT Shift Pilot is installed in all New Super Greats. A multifunction lever mounted on the steering column enables smooth, reliable shifting.

Two-pedal, shock-free shift operation enhances operability and comfort while also contributing to safe driving. The new engine delivers excellent fuel efficiency.

Putting the ideal driving conditions into reality

In addition to reducing drivers' workload with smooth, two-pedal automatic shifting, the Super Great enhances driving comfort with cutting-edge functionality.

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